StartupTree Global Competition


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  • top 10 ventures will advance to the VC judging round and receive expert mentorship

  • winner will receive $1,000 cash prize + $5,000 in-kind tech development

    services and automatically qualify for the $10,000 finale

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Upcoming Mentor Highlight

VC judges and expert mentors



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all finalists:

3 VC judges’ written feedback on your venture

finalist with most follows:

30 minutes mentorship with StartupTree founder

2019 consideration for StartupTree 25 Under 25

1 venture feature sent to hundreds of campuses

overall winner:

$1,000 cash + $5,000 technology development

2019 consideration for StartupTree 25 Under 25

1 video feature in StartupTree Founder Series

30 minutes mentorship with Scott Belsky

30 minutes virtual office hours with VC

$10,000 Finale automatic entry



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5 easy steps to participate

STEP 1 USER PROFILE. Create or log into your StartupTree account. 

Fully complete your profile so the judges and community can learn more about you.

STEP 2 VENTURE PROFILE. Add your venture to your school’s platform (e.g. Make sure to include at minimum:

  • 3-4 sentences venture description (add to Description Field)

  • 1-2 sentences venture's impact potential (add to Description Field)

  • All team members (if any) and their roles

  • Stage of Venture and Funding

STEP 3 VIDEO. Upload a 1-minute video to YouTube (unlisted but public). Include the following:

  • Elevator pitch introducing yourself and your venture

  • How you would use the cash prize and in-kind tech services

Embed the video to your StartupTree venture profile on your school’s platform. Instructions on how to embed a video here.

STEP 4 APPLICATION. Submit the (very) short application here. The Venture Profile and Video you have already completed will be primarily used for judging.

STEP 5 GAIN FOLLOWS. Tell your friends and family to follow your venture on StartupTree!

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The winner will receive $1,000 cash prize + $5,000 development services

and automatically advance to the $10,000 Finale.


A) Submit Application: on Friday, November 16th 11:59PM ET, application closes and all applicants may start sharing to gain follows. 
- All ventures that have submitted an application will move onto the Follows Round.

B) Get Follows: on Friday, November 23rd 11:59PM ET, # of follows collected over the one-week period will be counted.
- Follows gained post-deadline will not be counted. 
- Top 10 ventures based on # of follows will move onto the Judging Round.

C) Judging Round: on Friday, November 30th 11:59PM ET, winner selected by distinguished judges will be announced via the Global StartupTree Discussions board.


Judging is transparent and simple. 

Expert VC judges will look at the following on your StartupTree venture profile to determine the winner:

  • 40% Elevator Pitch Video embedded on your venture's profile on your school’s platform

  • 40% Impact Potential of your venture which should be included in your venture profile description

  • 20% Presentation of venture profile based on completeness, content, & overall presentation/design

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WIN $1,000 + $5,000 TECH DEV


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